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19 Healthy Eating Tips: Avoid These Foods If You Want To Burn Belly Fat

Posted Nov 26 2010 7:49pm

This is a special guest post by my mate and fellow Aussie James Kerrison . James runs Boot Camps in Hobart so I guess you can call him the Tassie Devil.

Anyway he has written this awesome article on the 26 foods that you absolutely must avoid if you ever want to burn your belly fat and he graciously allowed me to reprint this.

These healthy eating tips are a must follow. Print out this list if you have to.

profile 19 Healthy Eating Tips: Avoid These Foods If You Want To Burn Belly Fat

Hobart Personal Trainer James Kerrison

These foods either contain trans fats, are high in animal saturated fats, are highly processed, are highly refined or are full of sugar.

* Margarine

* Anything that has been deep fried

* Soft Drink and Cordial (Liquid sugar goes straight to the waistline)

* Lollies (Sugar in different shapes is still sugar)

* Cookies, Cakes and biscuits

* Flavoured Full Fat Milk (Too much sugar)

* Processed Lunch Meats

* Chocolate (Some 70% or higher cocoa is OK)

* Meat Pies

* Donuts

* Hot Dogs

* Croissants

* Non lean cuts of meat

* Potato and Corn Chips (Refined, fried with added salt. Not even close to a healthy choice)

* Alfredo Creamy Sauces

* Take Away Burgers (Cheap, fatty and nasty ‘meat’, normally with added cheese and bacon!)

* Pretend Peanut Butter (Go for ABC spread instead)

* Sausages (They’re cheap for a reason)

* Salami

Do what you can to avoid these foods. If you are regularly eating these then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t sabotage your success.

Don’t be lazy – make the right choice and your belly fat will start to get the hint.

So, what are the other foods that you think need to be avoided? I’ll be back to add my 2 cents another day but for now I’d love to hear from you below!

James is also the author of the great follow along at home boxing workout – Home Boxing Workouts . Click on the image below for more info on what this program entails.

binder large 19 Healthy Eating Tips: Avoid These Foods If You Want To Burn Belly Fat

Home Boxing Workouts - Follow Along At Home With This Progressive Program

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