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180 Degree Metabolism Update

Posted Nov 22 2010 10:00am

Ok. So sorry that I've been tardy in reporting my progress with my 180 Degree Metabolism nutrition makeover. Where the heck does time go? Can't believe it's been 3 months since last reporting in. 

Here's the skinny on my progress over the past 90 days. 

  • Weight -4 lbs.
  • Waist – 1 inch
  • Basal Body Temp . +1.1 degrees  Was 97.0 now 98.1 Yeah! 

Overall I can't say enough good about the nutritional changes and results that I've experienced over the past 3 months.  I feel fantastic! Cravings for sweets gone.  Satiation after meals…Incredible.  It's been so pleasurable indulging in all of the foods that my body has been craving over the past few years like potatoes, brown rice and many other whole grains and starches that I've cast aside as EVIL. 

The fibrous starches are apparently doing their thing.  To have my body temp raise a little over 1 degree in just 90 days makes me ecstatic. In fact the other day I set a basal body temp record of 98.3.  That really got me pumped.  I couldn't believe it! I even checked it 3 times to be sure it was reading right.  This to me is a good sign that I'm on the metabolic healing road to good health.

I've also been trying not to focus on the stupid scale so much.  Even though it's hard, I keep trying to remind myself that it's all about HEALTH not the scale!  Too many years of that negative programming that's in my opinion becoming very detrimental to all of us.  I repeat this mantra when the scale doesn't move like I think it should (because I'm feeling and looking a little leaner), " it's all about getting healthier and not getting that illusive 6 pack that I've been chasing after my whole life."  I also keep reminding myself that fat has and will continue to make an exit stage left as my health continues to improve.

Moral of the story here…Focus like hell on getting healthier, forget about the frickin scale and you'll not only feel better, but you'll begin to look better too.

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