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178 = 85 Pounds!

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:21pm
A little bit of a break through! I have to say though, the only way I'm going to lose the rest of my weight will be to....ugh....exercise. I am thrilled to know that I am able to maintain my weight, I just want to be at a lower weight to do it.

On Wednesday I went to Vanishing Veins to have the big uglies removed from my left leg. Let me tell you, that wormy sucker started below my knee, and puffed it's way all the way up to my groin! There was a lump in my groin that was a vein! The procedure was easy. I got stoned on a little Xanax , numbed up my leg with some lydocaine cream and the Doctor lazered and injected and whatever and I was on my way home. Recovery- well, I have to wear a support hose on the leg, and it sucks! First of all, it itches. And it's hot and uncomfortable. The worst? It's very tight, and all my leg skin hangs over the top of the stocking. I'm talking gross! I can't take the stocking off until tomorrow night, and then I have to wear it daily for 3 weeks, but I can take it off at night. Tomorrow will be my last sponge bath, and then in 6 weeks I do it all again for the right leg!

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