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17 Day Diet

Posted Sep 19 2012 8:54am

One of the popular creations by Dr. Mike Moreno- A 17 Day Diet plan is a popular book edition which was published for the dieters who were looking for quick weight loss. The book features certain tips and tricks for the people who are looking for easy ways to get back in shape. This diet plan helps the people from becoming obese while losing extra shed without any health problem. The diet can be started anytime, but must be stopped once you follow all the four cycles which are included in the plan.

So What is This Diet Plan All About?

The 17 Day diet plan focuses on weight loss process by targeting the carbohydrate intake. There are four cycles of this plan in which you will have to adjust the carbohydrates intake as per the phase of the diet you are in. By following all these cycles properly, your body speeds up the metabolism rate at which you tend to lose weight in a better way. It also helps in reducing the emotional problems like irritation and frustration which are likely to occur due to weight gain problem. The diet claims to give 10-12 pounds reduction in weight in first 17 days after you start following the diet plan. It is a healthy way to lose weight that is advised by many health care experts.

Phases Involved

Like other diet programs, even this diet plan comes with four phases of weight loss which must be followed with dedication to achieve the ideal weight target. It is not exactly a 17 day program as the length of each cycle takes time to get finished. The first phase involves too much restriction on the calorie intake while the other three phases involve addition of carbs, vegetables, proteins, and fruits thus helping the body to accept the healthy eating habits.

1st Phase (1-17 days): This phase restricts you on carbs intake and thus promotes fat burning process with quick weight loss. In this phase, following meal plan must be included:

Breakfast: Lots of water, fresh berries with low fat yogurt and green tea

Lunch:  Vegetables like cucumber, tomato, carrot, and other leafy vegetables with green tea and vinaigrette.

Snacks: Any high fiber fruit with some flavored yogurt

Dinner: Some raw green leafy vegetables, grilled salmon and green tea.

You have to be extremely particular about the carbohydrates that you take.

2nd Phase (18 - 34 days): In this phase, you will be allowed to increase the whole grain quantity as it helps to reset the metabolism rate and speed up the fat burning process. In this phase, following meal plan must be included:

Breakfast: Grapefruit juice, scrambled egg, and green tea

Lunch: Feta, green salad with tomatoes and lemon juice

Snacks: Low-fat yogurt, fresh berries and green tea

Dinner: Turkey patties, green salad and green tea


3rd Phase (35 - 51 days): In this phase, you are allowed to increase your carbohydrate along with some more fruits and cereals in the meal plan.

Following meal plan must be included :

Breakfast: Skim milk, green tea and high-fiber cereal

Lunch: Tomato, green salad, lemon juice, feta cheese, and baby carrots

Snacks: Any juicy fruit with sugar free ice cream sandwich

Dinner: Steamed vegetables like broccoli, boneless chicken breast, and green tea

4th Phase 4 (Day 52 onwards): This phase is the combination of all the above three phases in which you have to maintain your ideal weight by following a healthy diet plan. It would be an advantage if you perform a healthy exercise with it. In this phase, following meal plan must be included: Instead of breakfast and lunch, you are recommended to go for a brunch option in which you can include turkey sausage, blueberry waffles, green leafy vegetables and green tea. For snacks, raw baby carrots with some fruits is recommended. For dinner, you can include steam broccoli, green tea, salad and grilled chicken breast. If you follow the above mentioned phases in the right way, you are likely to achieve success. The diet is highly encouraging and helps you to stay in shape without any problem. The fourth phase is also known as the maintenance phase where your goal is to maintain the weight loss that you have achieved from first three phases.

Advantages of the Diet plan

The plan is designed by a doctor himself, hence, chances of health issues are less

It is a great way to detoxify the body

It helps to speed up the rate of metabolism

It is the best way to maintain a healthy weight

It Includes a healthy meal plan for weight loss

Improves the heart rate and keeps the blood pressure and cholesterol level in control


Once you stop the diet plan, you will start gaining the weight slowly

It is advised to be followed only if your BMI is more than 28

Following it for a long time can be quite boring.

The 17 day diet plan is a great way to enjoy weight loss and other health benefits. It not only solves the overeating problem but also keep your metabolism at a good rate which helps you to stay healthy for a long time. Before starting with the diet plan, if you have any health problem, you are advised to consult a doctor who can prepare the right meal plan for you. Other than following the diet plan, you are advised to perform at least 17 minutes exercise 6 days a week for effective results.

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