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14 (Free!) Websites To Help Your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

Posted Feb 01 2010 4:11pm

Technology has produced some truly great tools that have helped me meet my health and fitness goals and I’d love to share them with you. No particular order!

1. Palm Desktop – Few people truly have NO time to fit into their exercise. Using a calendar program allows you to look at your schedule and determine exactly where you’re killing unnecessary time. Before I started using Microsoft Outlook (not free…), I used Palm Desktop (free!) for basically everything: address book, calendar, notes.  Also, allows you to customize the program color, Cost: Free.

2. PeerTrainer - Harness the power of peer support in this diet and exercise community. Jackie Wick’s daily newsletter provides key motivation for those looking to make a serious improvement in their health and fitness lifestyle. Cost: Free.

3. Google Maps - Map out your walks or jogs to measure the distances and log them. I stopped logging a while back so I’m afraid I can’t recommend a specific tool, but a quick Google search provides plenty of options for you. If you do find a great one, be sure to let me know. Cost: Free.

4. EatingWell - I’m convinced healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to eat the equivalent of rabbit food. If you spend some time looking through recipes, you’ll find not only many that actually sound delicious but also get you excited to make unhealthy junk food a thing of the past. Cost: Free.

5. WebMD News - Although being predominantly known for its flagship symptoms and illness tool, WebMD provides regular (and scientifically based) news for helping you lose weight and continue leading that healthy lifestyle. Great database of existing articles. Cost: Free.

6. YouTube -YouTube is a treasure trove of work out videos. Most of them are around 10 minutes which, I admit, is rather short in terms of a work out. However, you can fix this easily by creating playlists of videos. The short length of the videos is actually great because you can target whichever muscle group needs work and have a large selection of workouts to pick your style. Cost: Free.

7. OpenDNS - I’ve tried kicking internet time-kills but pure habit sees me typing in the URLs to my favorite websites before I even know what’s going on. OpenDNS allows you to easily block certain websites entirely, requiring that you go log-in to their website (or tweak the settings on your computer) to be able to visit them again. Although obviously not foolproof, the added effort does indeed stop me in my tracks more often than not. Cost: Free.

8. Deal Seeking Mom – Healthy food ain’t cheap. And who says you need to be a Mom to save some money? For the financially sensitive, Tara Kuczykowski at Deal Seeking Mom provides an amazingly thorough and easy to search coupon database while keeping you updated with the latest offers via her blog. Hands down the best coupon and money-saving resource out there. Cost: Free.

10. 43things - The grand-daddy of internet goal keeping, 43things does one thing and does it incredibly well. Choose your top goals, learn how others accomplished them, and then just do them. Cost: Free.

11. Will Power: The Will to Act to Change (Quotes on Willpower) – Inspiration is key to motivation when healthy eating isn’t yet an established habit. Some people get motivated by cultural images but, personally, I always feel just a tad bit shallow when I succumb to the manipulation. Instead, I recommend compiling some quotes that truly speak to you on willpower.  The list at  Green Way Research is one of the most exhaustive lists I’ve found and it’s the source of most of my personal favorites. Cost: Free.

12. Joe’s Goals – I came across this gem a while ago and I’ve been hooked. Joe’s Goals is one of the easiest ways I’ve found to track my habit progress daily. The straightforward demo on the home page speaks for itself Cost: Free.

13. Calorieking – An incredibly easy to use desktop meal and exercise logging program that puts the nutritional information of thousands of popular foods at your finger tips.  Mobile applications available as well for people on the go. Cost: Includes a free week trial.

14. Michel Wolfe (My Blog) – Yes, I feel slightly tool-ish for posting my blog as number 14 but my blog is a journal of my personal successes and failures, which may be of some motivation or source of ideas for you. Who knows!

If you are reading this somewhere other than my original bog, please check out my website at Thanks!

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