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11/1 : "ALL NATURAL NEWBIES" Sponsored Giveaway Promotion Show!

Posted Oct 22 2010 12:00am

Have you thought about taking a new all-natural and/or organic approach to life? Well, if you're like me, you may be confused by all the different terms, products, and types of all-natural and organic there is out there. We'll talk about eating all-natural, eating raw, eating gluten-free, organic products, and how that can be done within a WLS lifestyle.

We'll also have information and prizes from some of our very generous program sponsors that will be featured on the show.  Be sure to tune-in on Monday night at 7pm EST to win any of the following great prizes:


Maggie's Organics was founded in 1992 on the premise that workers should be treated ethically and that clothing should be durable, affordable, and constructed of environmentally sustainable materials. Today our line of certified organic, fair labor, and fair trade clothing includes:  WrapsHoodiesLeggingsDressesTanks , ScarvesSocksTights , and more. Clothing that feels as good to buy as it does to wear! 

" lets users design their own custom energy bars by selecting organic and conventional ingredients and then personalize the label. Users who want proven taste and nutrition can customize a "popular bar" that has received the most positive reviews by other users of

 Each energy bar is hand made, packaged, and then labeled with its custom bar name and nutritional information. Element Bars is committed to using unprocessed or minimally processed elements in each bar to retain the most nutritional value." is the fastest growing distributor and retailer of all natural and organic snacks in New Hampshire. We are in our Ninth year in business. is also your online retail source for All Natural, Healthier, and Gourmet snacks by the single bag or by the case. Our purpose is to serve those that appreciate high quality and superior taste in their snack foods. We strive to meet the needs of the individual, group, or organization that wants high quality, all natural, unique products in their daily diets

We organize our products in many specific categories to help our customers shop by the dietetic or lifestyle needs, such as Low Fat, Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Sodium, Gluten Free, and Healthy Kids, among others. In addition, SnackAisle has other helpful categories to assist our customers in finding what they need/want, for instance: Hot & Spicy, New England Snacks, Nuts & Trail Mixes, etc.

We offer our online store as our retail option. In addition, we are a Distributor to many Wholesale businesses throughout the state & region.

:  15% Coupon on our website:  DIVAT (this is a 15% discount, with a $15 minimum before shipping charges) This Coupon will be good until December 31st.


Founded in 1978, Richard Steffan Skincare Switzerland has been formulating and making high quality skincare products for over three decades in Switzerland.  The products were first tested in the mid 1970's by international flight attendants due to its simplicity and effectiveness with changing atmospheric conditions.  Ingredients in the Facial Regimen include organic plant essentials such as organic elderberry extract, organic lavender water, organic sweet almond oil, organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil and natural citrus extracts.

 A preventative health enthusiast and ardent purist, Richard Steffan has concluded that "although the skin is a complex structure, it eagerly responds to simple, diligent care".  For over three decades Richard Steffan and his team of dermatologists, nutritionists and exercise specialists in Switzerland have determined that youthful skin is the result of both internal and external care of the body and not just topical care. 

 The key to attaining healthy, youthful skin is not to disturb it more than necessary.  A simple quality skincare regimen will improve the skin's appearance and health.  The optimum external skincare regimen provides thorough cleansing with a mild, water-soluble cleansing lotion without stripping the skin of its natural oils.  Follow this with a water-soluble facial moisture lotion for maximum moisture retention without clogging the pores.  That is it...two simple steps for a lifetime of healthy, good-looking skin.

:  As a special promotion for Diva Taunia listeners/viewers, we will offer a complimentary Body Regimen (consisting of the Shower Bath Gel and the Body Moisture Lotion) with the purchase of a Facial Regimen at the regular price of $75.  (Facial Cleansing Lotion and Facial Moisture Lotion)  The complimentary Body Regimen is a $50 value.  Use discount code DIVAT !


Spice Crafters is a studio of "Spice Creatives". We craft bold new flavors from spices used in regional cuisines across the globe. Our purpose is not to replace the tried and true family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, we are here to start a new movement of creativity in the culinary world, where we cross the lines of regional spice blends with our own interpretation of what's delicious. When our ancestors began to master blending the spices of their native lands it resulted in blends most of us still love to this day. With the explosive growth of the web and social media people all across the world are interacting, sharing recipes, favorite foods and lifestyles, so we felt it was time to bring the world spice blends representative of the global community. Think of it this way, what would regional cuisine taste like if our ancestors had access to virtually all the spices on the planet? Interesting question to ponder...

Baby Bear Shop is an apothecary of organic goodness since 2005. USDA certified organic luxury skin care products for mama + baby started by a former designer/mother of children with allergies. Our botanical products are free of all common allergens, and use only 100% natural and organic ingredients. We plant a tree with every order to offset carbon emissions and our product line and packaging are Made in the USA.

DIVA TAUNIA DISCOUNT:  15% Coupon on our website:  DIVAT


GoPicnic's founders developed the concept of the shelf-stable picnic meal in 2004 for a major US airline whose existing buy-on-board fresh food service program was costing it millions of dollars annually due to high levels of waste from unused meals as well as incremental personnel expenses stemming from the need for in-flight food preparation. The shelf-stable snackbox solution that the GoPicnic founders created to address these issues generated profit for the airline for the first time in its food service history and provided customers with a reliable quality product at a good value. Recognizing the many benefits such shelf-stable "picnic" meal programs could bring to a wide array of other industries, the GoPicnic founders expanded on the original concept, making nutritious high-quality shelf-stable meal solutions available to new markets and clients.

muichic  (moo·ee·sheek) is deliciously natural, sustainable & organic jewelry designed & handmade in Colombia.

Tagua is our raw material. All of our pieces are made by hand from "tagua nut". The tagua nut, a botanical alternative to ivory (a.k.a. vegetable ivory), is a seed that comes from the ivory-nut palm or tagua palm which grows in the humid tropical forest of South America. Its use stimulates the local economies in the region providing an alternative to cutting down rainforests for farming.

Unique accessories that are environmentally friendly & gracefully chic make up our natural bijoux collection...bold, playful & colorful goodness for your body. All of our pieces come in different colors and like snowflakes they all differ from one another. Each tagua nut has its own distinctive grain and shape which gives a remarkably uncommon quality to each piece of jewelry

Be sure to join the Diva Taunia Facebook Page to learn how you can win some gorgeous pieces from!  Join the Page on Facebook here:

:  15% Coupon on our website:  DIVAT


Muichic on Twitter - CLICK HERE

Muichic on Facebook - CLICK HERE





Hailey’s Dragonfly Garden strives to be a green company in as many ways as possible. We believe we must all take responsibility in the sustainability of our planet while keeping our family healthy. This has always been a personal mission and we have also made it a company practice. Our web site is hosted by a green host, which is 100% powered by certified green renewable energy sources. We use reclyled cardboard in our packaging , we recycle all the shipping materials that come to us, use reclycled glass where we can and only purchase fair trade products. All of our bottles and jars are also recyclable.  We use many organic ingredients and buy locally when we can. We avoid any harsh chemicals that may hurt the enviroment besides being harmful to people. We only work with suppliers who are also enviromentally conscience. We may be a small company but we are big on protecting the planet. 


To be entered into a raffle to win two free specialty soaps is easy:  first, leave a comment somewhere on the Hailey’s Dragonfly Blog:  

Then, come back to this blog and leave a comment about Hailey’s and where you commented.  Be sure to leave an email contact address so we can contact you if you’re the winner!

DIVA TAUNIA DISCOUNT:  10% Coupon (before shipping) on our website:  DIVAT


PRIZE:   The Brand New Day Kit: 5 piece skin care set for dry, compromised skin. Includes the Pure Hope Organic Cleanser, Seawater Mist, Eye Dew Hydrosurge, Private Reserve Serum di Hope, Quintessential Balm.


Wai Hope founder and cancer survivor, Vincene Parrinello found a way to offset this in her breakthrough proprietary Wai Restructured(tm) Water made with the rare Red Fijian Seaweed, Callophycus Serratus. 
Using herself as a test patient when she developed basal cell cancer on her face, Parrinello discovered that, similar to people, healthy skin cells communicate. The well being of DNA telomeres depends on its ability to receive and send messages in order to remain resilient and healthy. 

This new collection of organic skincare includes moisturizers, lotions, scrubs, peels and toners. Helping everyone from patients who have undergone chemotherapy, to acne sufferers, weight loss surgery patients, and those who have spent too much time in the sun, to dry irritated skin, Wai Hope is the best new skincare line on the market. 





PRIZE: Pomegranate Green Tea Detox Kit, which includes:

•    Verbena Green Tea Cleansing Bar (90 g) 
•    Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer (15 ml)
•    Verbena Revitalizing Treatment (15 ampoules)
•    Green Tea Blend with Rosebuds (3 servings)

Pomega5 believes that products for skin should be formulated with the same care that we prepare our food. Skin, after all, is the largest, most exposed organ and our most immediate connection with the natural world. It too requires pure, nourishing ingredients, lovingly selected to sustain life, as part of a greater bond that demonstrates respect for the environment.

Committed to preserving the efficacy and integrity of every ingredient, as well as the safety of the consumer and the earth, we use only the purest, freshest biodynamic and organic ingredients in everything we do.

Our products contain no parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes, and are made to order in fresh batches every week. Rather than sourcing bulk fillers, we produce our own base from scratch, a practice that has all but disppeared in the modern beauty formulation process. The Pomega5 Bio Natura Seal, which can be found on every product label and package, reflects this heartfelt commitment to you, the consumer, as well as to nature. In recognition of our efforts, Pomega5 has received the highest marks from the  Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database  .



PRIZE: 4 rubs (steak & Hamburger/seafood/ Pork & Lamb Rub/ Chicken & Turkey Rub) + 1 set of gourmet grilling plank in Golden Alder. Perfect for smoking  your turkey with!

aFire Incorporation was established in 2006 is an environmentally-conscious firm which creates innovative products for the Gourmet Chef and Outdoor Grilling Enthusiast. aFire's flagship product, aFire Coconut Charcoal, is a safe, easy-to-use, non-petroleum product which burns cleaner, with less smoke and leaves food tasting like food, not gas. aFire aims to continually create and innovate to deliver safe, environmentally-friendly and cleaner alternatives to traditional fuels.



From David Rzepka of :  About six years ago I agreed to let a co-worker put a beehive on my family farm. I didn't plan to be responsible for it, but when life events kept him from tending to it, I became a beekeeper.

I found bee science and culture fascinating, and I soon began researching bees and attending workshops at The Ohio State University agricultural campus. Beyond enjoying the science, I found that tending the bees gave me time to reflect. It became a cathartic activity. 

I also came to realize how connected the bees' world is to ours - any changes in our environment affect their environment as well. I began to think about the foods we eat, the chemicals we use, and the impact these factors have on bees and on us. That's when the idea hit me: I wanted to make natural skincare and hair products using honey, beeswax, and other ingredients that are good for us and our world. 

This is the philosophy behind Beecology. Today my family and I produce a full line of natural products - lip balm, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion - that help our customers keep their skin and hair healthy the natural way.

But being a good corporate citizen isn't just about using the Earth's products wisely. So in addition to drawing from the world to make our natural skincare and hair products, we give back through our charitable arm, . We invite you to join us in making a difference.

DIVA TAUNIA DISCOUNT30% Coupon on our website:  DIVAT





Introducing Authentic Indian Lassi. A Probiotic blend of Indian-style yogurt and real fruits. This traditional drink, with 4,000-year history, is now made in Vermont. The secret is Indian-style yogurt. Mild tasting and seriously probiotic. Each batch takes 12-hours to grow billions of live cultures proven to: Boost Immunity, Improve Digestion, and Help Manage Cholesterol. DAHlicious Lassi is the perfect choices for breakfast, meal-on-the-go, or anytime rejuvenation.

Ancients called it the "Food of the Gods." Try it and you'll know why many are now calling it the "Great Taste of Good Health."

FOLLOW @divataunia and @jaidesh to find out how to be entered in the raffle to win one of (10) T-shirt giveaways!


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