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10 Super Smoothie Recipes For Optimal Health

Posted Oct 20 2011 5:54am

Image by maltman23

smoothieWe have a daily paper delivered here regularly, and a couple of weeks back. They printed an article about smoothies, which matched smoothies with different ailments. it was so good I decided to write it up here, as I’m sure, a lot of people would be quite interested in it.

1. Heart health smoothie

Ingredients, grape juice, cranberry juice and blackcurrant juice all in equal amounts.

The reason for choosing these particular ingredients is scientists in France tested this mixture on some pig arteries in a laboratory. They found the arteries relax instead of contract. Another reason is this particular recipe has something called polyphenols, which is a powerful antioxidant this helps to prevent cell damage from free radicals.

2. Cholesterol health smoothie

One Apple, two tablespoons of blackberries, half of cantaloupe melon, one tablespoonful of oats, one tablespoonful of flaxseeds, 180 ml of orange juice.

The fruit contained within this recipe are high in fibre, which can help in lowering the bad cholesterol LDL. The flaxseeds have Omega three fats in which have anti-inflammatory properties, and to add to this apples are effective at lowering cholesterol as well.

3. Energy smoothie

50 grams of blackcurrants, 110 ml of pineapple juice, third of a banana, one a half tablespoons of coconut milk.

This particular recipe is high in vitamin C and provides 200 percent of it, the coconut milk, is there because of its fat content. This helps with dampening down the sugar release in your body. So you can last for longer, the blackcurrants provide antioxidants to prevent cell damage again.

4. Immune system smoothie

50 grams of fresh strawberries 300 ml of orange juice, two kiwi fruits.

The fruits used in this recipe contain vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and will help white blood cells to fight infection. And if you so desire you can add some blackberries as well, for added measure.

5. Blood pressure lowering smoothie

Some small beetroots, two carrots, 250 ml of orange juice and a small amount of honey. This is optional, of course.

Orange juice has a powerful antioxidant in it, which helps with blood vessel function. Some researchers in the United States found that if people drank 500 ml of orange juice, which contained hesperidin each day they were found to have lower blood pressure compared to those who took an antioxidant supplement instead.

Beetroot is also known for helping to lower people’s blood pressure. If you drink 250 ml of beetroot juice. It can lower your blood pressure, within a 24-hour period.

6. Asthma health smoothie

Half a banana, one apple, half a ripened pear, 125 ml of yoghurt, 125 ml Apple juice, pinch of cinnamon

People who have asthma may benefit from this recipe because apples have a substance in called quercetin, which is supposed to help with asthma, in a study which revolved around Guinea pigs they gave the Guinea pigs the following substance, which was found to decrease the constriction within their airways.

7. Joints and muscles smoothie

Half a mango, two tablespoons cherries, one tablespoon raspberries, 100 ml pineapple juice, and 150 ml plain yogurt.

If you want to do reduce symptoms that are related to arthritis and decrease some muscle damage. Add some cherries to the following recipe cherries have a substance in called Anthocyanins, which helps with reduction of oxidative stress. According to a study if you drink, Cherry juice after your workout. It can help speed up your muscle recovery.

8. Bowel health smoothie

Three tablespoons of blackberries, 100 m probiotic yogurt, ice cubes, half a banana, one tablespoon of sugar. The banana in the recipe is a good source of fibre, which helps with stopping your chance of getting either diarrhoea or constipation. Research has shown that certain types of fibre can help alleviate the symptoms of IBS.

9. Fat burning smoothie

125 ml semi-skimmed milk, 125 ml low-fat yoghurt, half a banana, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of wheat germ.

Some researchers found that if you consume slow release carbs, e.g. oats, or some wheat germ before you exercise, may help you burn fat. Researchers studied some fat-burning properties of certain people after they had two breakfasts.

They had the following on one occasion they had muesli with milk, peaches, yoghurt and apple juice and on the other occasion had cornflakes, with skimmed milk white bread with margarine and jam and an energy drink. Both breakfasts were roughly equal calorie wise, after eating the first breakfast. The participants burned twice as much fat.

When they did a 60-minute walk compared to when they ate the other breakfast. The reasoning behind this is peach’s apple juice. Muesli and peaches tend to be absorbed slower. So, you get less of a rise and fall of blood sugar as well as this. You don’t get something called an insulin spike, insulin tells your body to store fat.

10. Blues beating smoothie

200 ml of milk, two tablespoons each of blackberries, strawberries and blueberries, one tablespoon of nut butter and sweetener.

One of the ingredients in protein, which is a building block is something called tryptophan which studies have found improves people’s mood, when they are depressed. Another benefit of this smoothie is the fruit, which has relatively low sugar levels, not only that there glycaemic load is low as well, which helps to keep blood-sugar level’s stable. Otherwise your mood is liable to go up and down because of the rising and falling sugar levels.

Do you drink smoothies, to supplement your diet and are there any particular recipes that you think deserve to be here? please leave your thoughts and opinions in the relevant section below.

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