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10 Secrets The Processed Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Posted Aug 30 2010 11:56am

The processed food industry has some pretty sneaky tricks up there sleeve that they don’t want you to know about. No doubt they’re easy and they taste good. They’re everywhere you look. Grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores and even hard ware and farm supply stores. They’re the answer to our busy lifestyles, but just because they’re easy doesn’t mean they’re not causing a whole bunch of problems. 
So next time you drive up to a fast food window or pick out a mid afternoon treat from a vending machine, think about these 10 secrets and hopefully you’ll change your mind.
1.) Processed foods are linked to obesity. Ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, sugar, white flour and MSG have been linked to weight gain and obesity. A recent study even showed that childhood obesity could be cut by 18 percent just by simply cutting out fast food commercials. The Australian government did it. Too bad the almighty dollar’s getting in the way of our kids health here in the US.
2.) Processed foods are addictive and can cause you to overeat. Whole natural foods are made up of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and water. When foods are processed their components are modified and key nutrients and fiber are removed. This changes the way they’re digested and assimilated in your body. A perfect example of this happened with me the other day when I indulged in some “Natural” White Cheddar Cheetos . The only thing good about those things is that they don’t contain partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. Other than that they’re addictive as hell and all they do is make you want to eat more and more and more of them. They don’t fill you up and they don’t satisfy your craving for something salty. You can start out in a controlled manner eating one or two at a time, then before you know it, bam you’re jamming them down your throat faster than you can get them out of the bag. The reason this happens is that highly processed foods artificially stimulate the pleasure receptors (dopamine) in the brain and even though you’re eating foods that lack nutrients, the pleasurable feeling makes you think they taste better than they do. You crave that buzzy feeling again and again then poof….your’re addicted.
3.) Processed foods can lead to memory issues, mood swings and depression. Processed foods are made of the cheapest and nutritionally inferior ingredients. The fats and oils alone are so crappy and void of essential fatty acids that they contribute to many degenerative and inflammatory conditions. Your hormones, brain and heart suffer when you eat “Franken Food” . Instead choose foods that contain organic unrefined, extra virgin olive and coconut oils.
4.) Processed food cause you to eat unconsciously. The biggest reason for choosing PPF’s (packaged, processed food) is for convenience. Unfortunately, this convenience also makes it easier to multitask and eat on the run. Doing so makes you lose touch with your hunger satiation cycle and often leads to weight gain. Multitasking also sends the wrong hyper signal to the digestive system when it really needs a calm and restful mode to digest food properly.
5.) PPF’s  are made for a long shelf-life , not long human life. Additives, chemicals and preservatives are added to packaged processed foods to increase shelf life and profitability. Food companies spend tons of time, money and research on packaging and strategies to increase shelf life with little or no thought to how the foods will affect the lives of those you eat them.
6.) Processed meats like sausages, deli meats and hot dogs have been linked to various forms of cancer.  Research has proven time and time again that meats containing nitrates can contribute to stomach, pancreatic and colorectal cancer.
7.) PPF’s nutrition labels are often misleading. Labels that say “sugar free” but contain other sweeteners like agave does just as much harm as High Fructose Corn Syrup to the liver. Also, other tactics like “Natural flavorings” and “approved spices” purposely mask ingredients like GMO (genetically Modified Organisms) and MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).
8.) Processed foods can lead to malnutrition and infertility. Things like snack cakes, granola bars, cereals, crackers and packaged meals are stripped of important nutrients and vitamins that your body really needs. You may be eating tons of calories and your body may still be malnourished if your diet is high in processed foods.  Infertility affects 7.3 million people and is still on the rise. 
9.) Processed foods can make kids and adults hyper. Researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK found that sodium benzoate (a preservative) and artificial food colorings are directly linked to increased hyperactivity in children. They’re not sure if it’s the combination of the chemicals or if there’s one single culprit. Either way, these additives are commonly found in the processed crap we’re feeding ourselves and our kids. Sodium benzoate is in pickles, jellies and some diets sodas. Yellow #5, Red #40 and Yellow #6 can be found in the magically delicious “ Lucky Charms ”. Amazing how so many cases of ADHD are being diagnosed these days….Think there’s something to that?
10.) Long Lines at the check-out will make you buy more. Ever notice all the goodies lined up on either side of you when you’re standing at the check-out lane. There’s a reason, just like there’s a reason they put staples like eggs, milk and bread at the back of the store so you have to walk by all the other “Franken Food” and be tempted before you get to what you actually came to the store for. They also move stuff around the store to make you hunt for things which gives you more time to walk by all kinds of unnecessary processed products that you need like you need a hole in your head. The University of Arizona has proved it. You’ll be up to 25% more likely to buy soda and candy if you’re stuck in line. Psychology 101. The more exposure to temptation, the more likely you are to succumb to it. Easy solution. Shop at odd times and shop the perimeter.
What are your thoughts? Ever get stuck in a long line and stuck an extra bag of chips or soda in your cart?
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