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10 Ideas to Get You Exercising

Posted by AregM

There a hundreds of reasons why we don't exercise - just read the excellent comments on the post Why Don't You Exercise. What follows are 10 different ideas or techniques to help you pursue a lifetime of health and fitness. If - deep-down - you really don't want to exercise, then don't bother reading further. You will need to get to the bottom of those feelings before moving on. Ambivalence and double-mindedness will only lead to a constant cycle of disappointment. But - if you want to reap the many mental and physical benefits of exercise -- then read on. 1. Know Thyself - Time of Day What's the point in aiming for fasted cardio (i.e. workouts before breakfast) when you are not a morning person? You might start with the best intentions - but it will probably not last. You must find the time that works best for you. 2. Know Thyself - Comfort Zone When I exercise I sweat. Sometimes profusely. That may seem gross to some - and to be honest when I caught some people staring at my red sweating face - I was embarrassed. I've realized that public gym workouts are not always for me. I have a basic setup at home that I use instead. If going to the gym - aim for known quiet periods. ....Continued on
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