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10 Great Free Weight Loss Resources

Posted Jun 24 2008 7:06am

I am a great advocate of anything that isfreeas regards to anything so with that in mind. I decided to build a resource offreeweight lossresources. That you can join, and help you with your end goal.


The first one is known as wellsphere, I must admit that I had never heard of this community-based website before, it wasn’t until that I received a e-mail fromLarisa Rozentalswho came across my blog.

And asked me if I would like to become a member and also I have my blog featured on there site, so naturally I agreed.

For anybody who has they overall interest in health losing weight or any thing else that you can think of which is which is health-related this site is a great resource. I urge you to look at it and become a member yourself, if you have a blog that is health-related then you can also ask for it to be submitted, and they will syndicate your content so more people will read it.

Body Perfect Fitness

diet plan

The second site I would like to recommend is body perfect fitness, although there is an option to pay for this service, there are lots of resources such as recipesfreee-books and information also.

That would be useful to anybody who is trying tolose weightand help with choosing the right foods to eat.



This is another community that you can join which isfree, and it has small written descriptions, about sites that you can look at which are related to health in general but there areweight lossones on there as well.

Joe’s Goals


This site is not about a particular subject per se but more a way of tracking your progress over time, so you can see how well you are doing as regards your goals overall. You can use this site for numerous things, it doesn’t necessarily have to be related toweight losswhich is a plus point as far as I’m concerned. There is no money to pay for this particular site either it isfree.

Spark People


As far as resources and communities go then this has to be probably one of the best that you will find that isfree, there is so much information on this particular website, as well as articles about nutritionweight loss, and there is a community also you can’t go far wrong with this one at all. It really is a great resource

Fitness Dot Com


This particular site has information regardingexerciseand a multitude of other things, which you can read about as regardingweight lossthere are also forums which you can join, so it’s like a two-for-one scenario.

Weight LossFitness


This is the forum which I mentioned in the above post just thought it was worth a mention, there are lots of people in this particular forum and it is quite a buzzing community to become involved with, I urge you to become a member and join.

Three Fat Chicks

3 fat chicks

This is another greatweight lossforum which has lots of members and is always busy, if you’re looking for another thrivingweight losscommunity then look no further.

ProjectWeight Loss

project WL

This is a not a great resource which has blogs a forum, diets section,weight lossarticles, a online tracker so you can track your progress, as regardsexerciseand what you’re actually eating as well.This looks like another good side to visit and join as well.

Home and Health TV


This is a forum that is based on discoveries home and health TV channel, I did however have a quick look at it, and it does seem quite a good site and I thought it was well worth a mention also.

Please take the time to have a look at all these great resource’s because I’m sure you will find there is one that will suit your needs somewhere along the line.

Have a nice day where ever you are.

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