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10 days of celebrating = weight gain.

Posted Jun 30 2010 7:20am
I have spent the first part of this week getting back on track and trying to reverse some damage I did in 10 days of celebrating my son getting married and seeing family that I don't get to see very often. On Friday June 18th I weighed 164.4 (goal weight 162.5) I was just barely within my goal weight because I was letting old habits creep back into my life. Not working out as often and eating out too much. Friday night was the start of many dinners out and many more meals that I could have made better choices, but I didn't for the sake of enjoying the company I was with. The total damage done was 5.5 pounds. Tuesday a trip to Trader Joes was made and I spent almost 30 dollars just on fruits and veggies so I have fresh stuff in the house. I spent time prepping my lunches and making sure I had everything convenient so I would have no excuses to eat right. I have started working out again (as of Tuesday) and I have been tracking 100% again and doing what I know works to get the weight back off. I have until the end of July to take it off and be able to weigh in within my goal weight once again.

I am amazed at how quickly things can head off the rails, one not so great choice leads to another and another and 10 days later you look back and think what could I have done differently. Today I choose to look at the great choices I did make during that time. The whole 10 days the one habit I didn't drop was my water. I drank my water just like before and sometimes even more water because of the salt consumption (due to eating out more) left me feeling dry. Several of those meals I did have salad with them to get in my veggies. several more of those meals I stopped at one plate and didn't get seconds. There is a saying at WW that I have heard and now truly believe. My new bad isn't as bad as my old bad. I do believe that....
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