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05.03.10 - Dukan Diet - Day 1

Posted May 03 2011 5:55pm
The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever
After watching Dr. Oz yesterday, I decided to try out the Dukan Diet for 10 days. The Dukan Diet is basically broken down into four phases. The first phase, which I am just starting today is The Attack Phase. The Attack Phase can last between 7-10 days. I'm going to try it out for 10 days.

When they explained the diet on Dr. Oz, a woman tested it out for one week and dropped 13 lbs. Though they said that half of that was water weight, the rest was basically actual weight coming off. For the first 10 days of the diet, you have to focus on low carbs, low fat, and high protein. I researched the diet a bit online before I made my decision to try it out yesterday, and learned that it's more difficult for vegetarians to be on the diet since proteins come from meats. So, I decided to tweak the diet a bit and experiment on myself.

I understand that the diet focuses on low carbs, but I decided to replace the high protein lean meats part with raw nuts and whole beans and lentils. This way I'll be focusing on fiber and proteins - cleaning out my system, lol.

Basically I can eat non-fat dairy, nuts, and whole beans and lentils. I'm also drinking a ton of water as well, and maintaining my exercise regimine. As of now I feel satisfied. I've even eaten non-fat yogurt, which was a nice treat, keeping me full. Though I wouldn't mind having some crackers or bread, I'm not minding that I'm not going to be having any pasta or anything like that for the next 10 days. I'm hoping to have success like the woman on the Dr. Oz Show. If I am successful, then I can move on to Phast Two, which is a bit easier :)

9 days to go!
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