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We Are The Real Deal is a body image blog driven by over 15 contributors discussing all perspectives that impact women and body image; eating disorders, fat acceptance, weightloss, health at every size, fitness, you name it! We love to rip the media and fashion for their photoshopping scams, and... Full Bio
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My Other, My Selfy

No this isn’t a tribute to Nancy Friday’s best seller, My Mother Myself, although at the time that book came out it was a ground breaking read for...

Am I Only 77% as Valuable as a Guy?

Lately, we have been hearing a bit more in the media about the economic standing of women in the United States. Some of us might have heard that...

No Upside to Body Comparisons

Once again, I’m grateful to a client for bringing up an issue that too often plagues disregulated eaters: the compulsion to compare your body with...

negative emotions: toxic or healthy?

“Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.” —Carl Jung Experiencing negative emotions is an unavoidable dimension of human life:...

Low-Fat Love 101: Pop Culture as a Gendered Landscape

I haven’t posted a new blog for a couple of months because I have been finishing up a couple of book projects that have taken up my time. I hope...

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