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We Are The Real Deal is a body image blog driven by over 15 contributors discussing all perspectives that impact women and body image; eating disorders, fat acceptance, weightloss, health at every size, fitness, you name it! We love to rip the media and fashion for their photoshopping scams, and... Full Bio
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Four Reasons Why Online Revenge Isn’t Worth It

The Internet is becoming a cesspool of negativity. Rants, curses and cyber backstabbing are common sights for web users nowadays. Needless to say,...

Our Recent Interview with Anne McDaniels

About Myself/What I Do: Hello and thank you so much for inviting me to do this! Originally from the Midwest, graduated from the University of...

Our Recent Interview With Tyes.By.Tara Founder Tara Christine

Please tell us about yourself and what you do? Hi! My name is Tara Christine and I founded a company,, that designs flirtatiously...

From Diet To Disorder: How To Tell When You’ve Crossed The Line

Graciously re-posted courtesy of With the recent press surrounding The Biggest Loser winner Rachel...

How Can We Eliminate Fat Chat Forever?

I’ve wondered about this since I was in eighth grade. I stood in the lunchroom after school waiting for the bus by myself. None of my few friends...

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