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Walking Tips


10,000 steps per day

Aim to walk 10,000 steps per day. Get a pedometer to measure your steps. It's easier than you think.

Believe it. Achieve it

If you're feeling tired or fatigued, change your mind. If you believe you can do it, you can.

Engage your senses

Really look, listen, smell your environment while you're walking. Take it all in.

Find a buddy

Find a walking buddy to keep you motivated.

Listen to music

Bring along a walkman or iPod and listen to music while you walk. Speed up during faster songs.

Look around

Focus on your surroundings when you're walking and you may even forget you're exercising.

Make It social

Walk with friends and chat along the way.

Natural high

Aerobic activities like walking release adrenaline and endorphins into your body that boost your mood and relieve stress, even after you're done.

Pick a goal

Having a goal in mind will help you stick to your walking routine.

Plan it

Schedule a certain time each day to walk.

Reward yourself

Plan to reward yourself when you achieve certain goals.

Sign up

Sign up for a charity walk or walk-a-thon to give yourself something to work toward.


Don't forget to smile while you walk.

Start a walking group

Starting a walking group can be a great way to motivate you to keep at it. Plus, it's fun!

Walk for relaxation

Walking is a great way to reduce stress, tension and fatigue and release pent-up anxiety.

Walk for your mind

Walking helps give you mental clarity to solve problems and make better decisions.

Walk to Sleep

Walking can help relax your mind and allow you to sleep better. Take a stroll after dinner to help digestion and prepare your body for bed.

Walk to think

Many people use walking as a time to think and work out problems.


Instead of planning your route, just start walking and see where it takes you.