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Stanford Walking Routes? Does anyone know of any good walking routes through and around the Stanford campus?  I know out of ...
Oct 01 2008 2:31pm
Boost your metabolism by walking I was so excited to see this video, and even more excited to try what they suggest. I did, and it ...
Aug 17 2008 3:56pm
Thanks,I will try the interval walking on my next walk <3 Thanks more
Jun 23 2010 4:02am
peyush We are all aware about the necessity of exercise.We should practice exercise as a daily routine.Wa ...
Jul 22 2008 3:43am
Correct. Walking is best way to make ourself fit. Actually morning walk streaches your... more
Feb 06 2014 4:03pm
mental health. Prevention is better than Cure so Moms should be given support to avoid the risk of poor mental h ...
Jul 15 2008 10:30pm
I agree wholeheartedly. And walking is a great way to achieve good mental health, as... more
Aug 11 2008 4:54pm
When there's not too much time to walk, try these Click the post title above for tips to fit walking into your daily life even when there doesn't seem ...
Jul 15 2008 5:10pm
I love the idea of a moving meeting, actually; I have started to invite friends to go... more
Jul 15 2008 5:56pm
always wear good walking shoes , and take some water :)
Jun 26 2008 10:56pm
flakey pedometer from the Cardinal Walk I participated in the Cardinal Walk a couple of weeks ago and received a BeWell Walkers pedometer. ...
Jun 13 2008 1:57pm
Jul 13 2010 7:38pm
Walking club for kids Click on the post title above to see a video from about a "Walking Club" for children in A ...
Apr 17 2008 6:55pm
It does work! Since the weather here has gotten moderately better, I have been walking a little bit more. I haven' ...
Mar 31 2008 5:06pm
That's why I love when Spring comes around! I get to walk to work again, and walk to the... more
Apr 06 2008 4:49pm
Keeping an eye on my friend... It's getting warmer where I live and I have been walking some more with my dog, Mr. Jefferson. I got ...
Mar 26 2008 11:44am