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You do not need pills to walk!

Posted by Tamar F.

I just saw a new Alli commercial – you know, those FDA approved diet pills that come with a ton of warnings. There is the craziest assertion in it: “I can walk around the block again with my dog,”. That infuriates me! You do not need pills to walk! Walking can be done at any pace and the more you walk, the stronger you will be. You can build up endurance and strength walking. You do not need any artificial means of revving up your heart and endocrine system to do what humans have been doing for 100,000 years. Just say no!

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If that's not enough to convince you maybe warnings of anal leakage will. Honestly, you'd do much better with a placebo. A lot of times those pills don't really help. It's just that you think they do. Being in the right mindset will do more than a thousand pills ever could.
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