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When I get up mornings, I cannot balance well with pain in bottom of foot -- pain is in flesh. Pain lasts most of day.

Posted by J.T.

This symptom just started about a month ago.  I have extreme tightness in ankles and tendons in feet, but this painon the bottom of only one foot is "different" and I am afraid that when I get up during the night (I am 73) I might lose my balance and fall -- come close a few times.



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It sounds like it could be Plantar Faciitis, but since you have it for most of the day, it could be something more serious and you should see a doctor.  For plantar faciitis you could try an over the counter insole for your shoe.  You can also buy an over the counter night splint at the drugstore that will keep your foot flexed while you sleep.  It reduces the pain when you get up in the morning.
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