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walking to work

Posted by Shez B.

I have finally decided to ditch the car and make the 25 minute walk to work....and I am loving it. I feel that I arrive so much more refreshed than when I drive. There is no traffic and stress. I have to get up a bit earlier, but it doesn't matter because I know that my body is appreciating it as is the environment.
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That is awesome to hear! I do the same thing very often, although my walk to work is only a mile, so only about 15 minutes. It's such a great thing to do for yourself and the environment. Another idea if you feel like you need a change is to ride your bike-also a very good cardio workout.
Personally, that sounds like a great idea. However, my only problem is that I love to listen to music when I walk/run/jog. In the park, that is okay, but I do not trust myself walking on the sidewalk at traffic hour with loud music in my ears. But if you live in an area where you can do this, it really is a good exercise, and a great way to begin the day. Great for both of you.
My mom walks to and from work every day, more than a mile. She's tall and she walks FAST. For her, I wish she wouldn't do that! First of all, I worry about her slipping on the ice in nasty Chicago weather. I don't like that she cuts across park -- albeit nice ones -- after the sun is down. I heard that Jackie Kennedy took cabs to her Doubleday editing job and I wish my mom would do that. Meanwhile, my mom says I should walk more!!

That's impressive. I walk to work every day as well unfortunately I have an office on my property but not inside the house so it's only a few steps. I envy you the opportunity to fit in that kind of exercise daily.

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