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Walking...Out /There/

Posted Apr 05 2008 8:32pm 2 Comments

The mere prospect of this is getting my stomach churning. :(

I don't like the outside.

I have panic moments.

I prefer indoors, preferably alone or in small familiar company.

This is a big step for me but I'm going to do it. >:|

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Kali, good luck! I've experienced anxiety when it comes to confronting the "great outdoors," especially since I live in the city, so congratulations on going for it and please keep us posted on your progress. I think that sometimes it can be a good idea to start in places that are fairly "safe" and not so heavily populated, like neighborhood parks.

Hi Nirmala, thanks for your comment. :o)

I live in a semi-rural area, so it's not as bad. Even so, I prefer the early morning hours when the only people I run into are other fitness persons and police cars.

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