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Walk with a worry stone!

Posted by Tamar F.

We all know that taking a walk has been considered a great way to hash out your worries since Biblical times. Sometimes, it helps to add a little “oomph” with that walk: why not carry a “worry stone”? Research has shown that guided imagery has the power to help heal. You can get yourself a worry stone at Native American or Latino boutiques, gem shops or Discovery stores. You can even take a stone or gem that you already own. While each gem has different qualities, the most important part is that it lays comfy in your hand. As you walk, think of the stone absorbing your problems. I was having a hellacious day yesterday and tried this. While it didn’t change my life, I did feel better! The stone seemed to change temperatures and colors after the walk, which was my perception that the stone was helping. Who can’t use a little help?

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I love that idea. It reminds me of those stress balls people used to squeeze in order to alleviate their anxiety (although they generally made me more frustrated than I was to begin with). I think that guided imagery and visualization are generally very effective when it comes to alleviating stress, but walking also seems to have that effect in general.
Any kind of exercise, but in my case especially walking, is perfect for stress relief, I've found. First, I'll usually try some breathing exercises, but if the weather is especially nice, my first course of action is to get my walking shoes and head to the beach. Nothing works better than a breath of fresh air and the sound of waves.

You know, this is an excellent idea for adults and kids. They can learn to walk off their frustrations and pick up healthy habits early on. It’s nice for kids to have something concrete/physical to put their feelings into, since it can be difficult sometimes for them to express just how they are feeling. A stone or gem that holds, and in essence, “understands” their feelings could really do a lot for them emotionally, I would think. Also, learning to take a walk teaches us/them to stop and breathe when frustrated instead of reacting right off the bat.

Something to think about.

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