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Walk Instead of Drive

Posted by Stephanie B.

While it's a good thing fitness-wise to park your car a little farther away and get some walking in when going to the grocery store, etc., why not leave the car behind completely?

I realize that a lot of people reading this are living in poorly planned suburbs that don't have a walkable community. But by moving to a city or small town where you can walk to stores, you've already upped your fitness level without even trying.

I walk almost daily because I have the following amenities within a 10-15 minute walk:

Full grocery store
Outdoor city pool
Best Buy
Photocopy/mailbox store
Yoga/dance studio

And much more.

For me, getting the opportunity to walk is easy. Yes, I still drive, but I try not to all the time.

See my blog:

Carless in SoCal

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Great advice! I don't have a license so, rain or shine, I either have to carpool (we live 20 minutes from the nearest small city and 45 minutes from bigger cities either way) or walk. Sometimes I go with my husband to the city he works in and walk all over town to shop. Other people think I'm crazy but with no other choice, the sometimes 15 minutes between stores doesn't bother me (and I've done this in the rain, pushing my son in his buggy.) When I lived in the city, I walked all over the place or took the bus. Now, I walk all over this small town. It's a shame more people don't. I think people get too trapped into the "but I could drive" mentality. I rarely see other adults when I'm out walking; if I see anyone else walking at all, it's teenagers I see. All stores, the library, restaurants, and the post office are less than a 10 minute walk away from the houses on my side of town! It's sad really. I think everyone should act like they can't drive and see how much more exercise they get just walking to the places that are accessible. They'll feel silly getting in their cars to go to the store after they see how close things really are!
I get so excited when people post things lke this. My big idea when I moved recently to a place where there are pharmacies, shopping, gyms, grocery stores (health food stores at that!) and more was to walk as much as possible. Not to mention that one of my jobs is less than a quarter mile from home and the other just one mile. It's so great for your body and great for the environment. My only problem with it is the inevitable window shopping. :)
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