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Take a Walking Tour

Posted by Mary Ann P.

If you’re traveling and need a workout or if you’d like to do something different in your own home town, why not take a walking tour. A lot of cities and parks offer them. You can purchase or rent CD’s from many places but there is another option. If you’ve long ago ditched your CD player in favor of an iPod or MP3 you can go to and purchase a walking tour download. The prices are very reasonable. All of the walking tours available for San Francisco can be downloaded for $20.00. Sounds like a bargain to me.

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That's an excellent way to vacation/travel and still get exercise without having to find a gym. When my hubby and I stayed in Toronto for our 1st wedding anniversary (a couple years ago), we walked all over the place and got a good feel for the city, its architecture, and its culture. You can really get right into the atmosphere of a city when you're right IN it!
From New Orleands to London, England, everywhere in between and beyond, interesting walking tours abound, and are a great addition to your trip itinerary. Visit "haunted houses," vist the "haunts" of famous bands, and more. So while you're planning a trip, find out if these entertaining walking tours are available in your destination city. It's a great time and great exercise.
It's true! I have been on "ghost walks" in Gettysburg, historic neighborhood walks, holiday homes walks. They are usually led by a knowledgable tour guide who can steer you in the direction of local sights you are interested in. I notice the British walk at a faster clip than American walking tours. And, as for band "haunts" -- the most famous walk has to be the one the Beatles did across Abbey Road!
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