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Step Out on the 4th

Posted by C.L. R.

For those of you who have wanted to do a walk-a-thon or run but have been waiting to get started, there's no time like the present. The 4th of July typically has many events to celebrate the holiday, including a walk or run-a-thon. If you live in a major city (or heck, even a small town) check in with your local paper to see if there is any type of group event available. In Lexington, KY for example, there is a 6 mile walk-a-thon - perfect for getting your feet wet and meeting fellow walkers from around town. If you do discover that your town has a similar walking or running opportunity, use these rules to make the most of your opportunity. 1. Bring plenty of water. Do not assume that the city will have water for you. 2. Wear sunscreen. Protect your health - after all, that's why you're walking in the first place! 3. Make friends with those around you. Many people who walk holiday events take part in year round events as well. They could have tips to other events in your area. 4. Take your cues. Not everyone likes to chat as they walk. Chat for a bit then move on. 5. Finish the walk, no matter how long it takes you. You'll be happy you did and odds are you won't be the last one in!
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Absolutely, great advice to step out on the 4th. Better yet, add some John Phillip Sousa music or other upbeat patriotic tunes and watch your energy and performance soar!
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