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planned excerise for to day is

Posted Jan 06 2010 9:03pm 1 Comment
that even though the ground is coeverd in snow i hope to get out for a good walk and make it about two miles long., as i love walking in the snow.  i have a good walking stick.    good luck to anyone that is heading out to go for a walk and enjoy yourselves. yvonne
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hi there every one, it was to dangerous for me to go out for a walk today as i have a condition called chronic pain syndrome and its in my legs, i am a long term patient of st vincents dublin, and have a spinal cord stimulator implanted into my spine to help me deal with pain, as a result of being in hospial for over long periods of time, i have gained so much weigh and now i dont know where or how i start my healthy eatying programme to begin loosing weight,  anyone there to start helping me re making plan in wahere i start with this please help, as i live alone i find it very hard to get started. happy new year inishcong
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