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Oh my aching feet!

Posted by Nancy B.

Can we have a conversation about tired feet please. I’ve started walking a lot more but at the end of the day, my feet really hurt. I’ve read everything I can find on getting relief -- stretching, taking anti-inflammatory medication, wearing orthotics, alternatively icing and heating – but my feet are still dogged tired. I’m really confused over shoe ads about what kind are best. I bought croc-like shoes, thinking that would help, but find I’m better off with walking shoes, thick socks and gellin.’ What more can I do?
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Some people are born with the second toe longer than the big toe (first toe on the left). The Morton's toe causes instability in the lower joint connection below the second toe. If you take your thumb and index finger you can feel that joint -- it might be sore. The only way to treat this or make it better is pads in the shoes or find a pair of shoes that don't irritate the joint. I am fortunate that my feet have developed calluses to compensate the imbalance. The calluses aren't pretty but my feet do better with them. Another idea, I had my chiropractor adjust my feet, gosh, that felt great!!
When I injured my right foot a while back, I attended physical therapy for several weeks. I was referred by my foot doctor (the technical name escapes me this late at night....sorry!), so you may need the same thing. It might not be a bad idea to see a doctor first to make sure it's not a bigger problem than just fatigue. But if not, see if you can still get a referral for an appointment or ask friends to see if they know a physical therapist. Now to my point....hehe....I was given a large rubber band to wrap around the ailing foot and use for stretches, and it definitely helped ease the pain. You may want to consider this.
Thanks for the feedback. Kenna, I do have that second-toe longer than the big toe syndrome. You must be psychic to have known that was relevent to me! I didn't know it caused instability though. Kristen, I've seen those big rubber bands and I'm going to get one. I do an exercise where I stand on a stair with my heels hanging off and lean forward...which also stretches that muscle. But the bands are nifty & I love gadgets!
having a longer second toe is quite common and not always symptomatic,  you say you have read about orthoses etc but have you tried them e.g been prescribed by a Podiatrist.  Rather than some sinister problem, it is probably a simple case of metatarsalgia, possibly due to pathomechanics occuring around the lower limb.  I would make an appointment with a Podiatrist to assess your problem.  Kenna M, i would love to hear how the chiropractor "adjusted your feet"?
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