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Nighttime walking

Posted by Tamar F.

Whew! Fall is starting to crash through the Indian summer we’ve had. I hate exercising in the heat. I don’t like the sun beating down on my eyes. I was in a fire a number of years ago and I’m not supposed to get that much sun anyway. I know it’s good to perspire from exercise, but I hate sweating from heat exhaustion.

Lately, I have enjoyed walking around my community at the night, when it’s cool. I see where they do that in Arizona, climbing Camelback Mountain at night. However, I know I have to be extra careful – I have already tripped at night, skinning my knee! I always my dog for safety and wear light colored clothing.

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I have fallen twice while walking or running in the neighborhood. Once while I was pregnant. Yikes. Everything hit the ground except the tummy. I made sure of that. But it can be scary. I was recently followed by a strange man in a car recently while running in the dark with my labrador retriever (seriously), and I live in a nice neighborhood where people walk and run 24 hours. Be careful out there and don't listen to music while walking or running outside.
And stay in areas where you know there's cell service when you're running at night. This is easy enough to test out during the day. Unfortunately we're having to share tips like this, but you can never be too careful.
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