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Music you should walk to!

Posted by Tamar F.

The New York Times just came out with an article about the science behind exercise music. Apparently, the music a casual stroller going 3 mph should listen to is between 115 and 118 beats per minute BPM); a power walker at 4.5 mph should listen to music 137 to 139 BPM. It was discovered that most rock songs don’t keep up the tempo consistently for workout purposes. Dance music is what does the trick. Loud, heavy metal is also considered effective. The most effective song? They say it’s the theme to Rocky!

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Music does help one keep up the pace when walking. It also takes your mind off the workout, and makes the time pass faster.

Biruta K.

i agree! Although, i really like nature music as well. keeps you strait-minded.

That is why that Rocky song has been keeping us all moving for all these years. It makes us feel powerful and ready to rock out...or power walk!
That's interesting, I was wondering about what music would help keep me motivated. thanks!

That makes sense. After all, what gets you moving more than a fast beat, even if you're just sitting in your chair tapping your foot? Of course, rock does that but jumping up and dancing emphatically happens with dance music more often than not! I can see dance music doing the same for walking enthusiastically as well.

I couldn't agree more. I just came home from the gym and was commenting to my husband that my cardio workout on the elliptical was so much more intense because of my music. Prior to going to the gym, I downloaded "Ultra 2008 Continuous Mix" and it was perfect for my cardio!!
Ha ha, I don't think I'll be putting the theme music to Rocky on my iPod anytime soon, but that's kind of interesting. I actually like up-tempo music a lot when I'm working out at the gym but when I'm walking, I listen to a range of stuff--primarily anything that makes me want to belt out a tune. I also like nature music, like one of the other respondents mentioned, because it keeps me nice and grounded.

I found this website called Success Songs which are motivational with empowering lyrics. They are great. They are on my computer, iPod, on cd's in my car... everywhere I need motivation, I have them!

Great information!! Cathy

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