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Is there a recommended number of steps/day?

Posted by Robin H.

and how many steps (for an average height woman) in a mile?
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Pedometers are pretty cheap. Get one and it will teach you how to measure your stride. Then, you can change the mode to check your number of steps, meters, or miles. Ten thousand steps is the standard, but start with where you are. Walk normally for a day and then start increasing daily. For instance, if you are walking 5000 per day now, make it a goal to do 7500 for a week. If you get home and you are not there yet, take a walk! After doing 7500 for a week or 2, you'll be ready for 10000!
Thanks for the reply. I will look for a pedometer this weekend!

There is an online class offered by HIP ( named Stepping Out with Stanford. The cost for the class is $25 and it comes with a pedometer that requires no calibration. The goal is to get to 10,000 steps (which Carrie mentioned) per day but you set your own personal goals according to your abilities. You can log in your steps daily online and will receive weekly reminders and tips from the coach. I believe they have new classes starting up every 2 it's something to consider. Good luck!

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