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Dust off that pedometer - it can be a motivator

Posted by Jennifer S.

Research now proves what a lot of people knew or thought - putting that simple step counter on your belt can actually motivate you to do a little more each day... School of Medicine researcher Dr. Dena Bravata shares their latest results.
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I always feel better when I add walking to my routine. I'd be curious to know how many steps I take just inside the house each day!
Stanford's HIP has a great online course called Stepping Out with Stanford that provides a pedometer as part of the package. I'm 2 weeks into the class and have went beyond the 10,000 steps per day goal the class advocates. I like that the pedometer we received didn't require any calibration either. Just clip it on and go.
i going to get one now
It is a fantastic motivator and a game to play to increase your steps each day. Pedometers are great!

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