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Don't forget to bundle up!

Posted by Tamar F.

I had to walk for errands yesterday…scooting around, it was the first time I had done a brisk walk in a couple of weeks. I misjudged the temperature out and this time of year, it gets very chilly after noon. My hands were freezing! I had an idea, though. I went into a local pizzeria and asked if they made coffee drinks. The owner snarled, “I can make you a cup of coffee,” so I said, “Yes, please.” Carrying around a hot cup of coffee was a lifesaver when I was caught without my gloves.

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Good idea with the gloves! I was in Yosemite over Christmas with my hubby and unfortunately, I couldn't make snowballs because of the lack of gloves. And when my extremities get cold, the rest of me gets cold too, despite the fact that I might be wearing a heavy overcoat and long underwear! Because I live in a city, I tend to walk a lot as well, although the temptation to stay inside and stay bundled up is pretty high, considering that we have a storm system coming through.
I'm one of those people who keeps a pair of gloves stuffed into the pockets of every jacket. If I can keep my hands and feet warm then I'm okay.
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