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Buying an airconiditioning system? Here is what you should know!

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:59am

Most people know airconditioning as the cool breeze which saves them in the summer. But did you know that an airconditioning unit can also produce heat. Airconditioning is much more than meets the eye and you should always keep the following aspects in mind when buying an airconidtioning system.


Before you buy and airconditioning device, decide what the purpose of this machine will be. Are you going to use is for its cooling ability or heat function. And when are you going to use it, every day continuously or periodically. Once you have decided what the main functions are you can start comparing different sorts ofairconditioning.


Mobile or integrated?

·         Heat pumps and natural cooling

Heat pump are always a good choice when it comes down to heating and cooling your environment. Every heat pump has a cooling function, which is mostly known for cooling or heating up air. However, you also have a ground-water and a water-water heat pump available for natural cooling. These devices do not use air but ground water to arrange the temperature.


·         Mobile airconditioning

The big advantage about mobile airconditioning is that you can move them easily from one room to another. With mono-block systems you only need a power socket and a window for the draining hose to make it work effectively. However, these systems have a limitation on their efficiency and some part of the cooling/heating is lost through the window. They are also know to be very noisy. I would therefore not recommend them to be used in calm rooms like a bedroom.  
Mobile airconditioning systems exist in two models the air cooled system and the water cooled system. The first kind has a limited
efficiency, while the second kind has a bigger efficiency, makes less noise and uses way less energy.
Some mobile airconditioning systems are split in two pieces. The first piece is the cooling battery and the compressor.
The second piece is the condenser. Both pieces are connected through a tube.The advantage about this type of system is that is has a bigger efficiency and are much more quiet than any other mobile device.



·         integrated airconditioning

The most efficient type of airconditioning is the integrated airconditioning. An integrated system is more expensive and more energy consuming. The compressor and the condenser are located outdoors, most of the time on top of the roof or next to the house. The outdoor unite is connected with the integrated indoor airconditioning through a tube and cooling channels. The indoor unite is mostly integrated in a wall, ceiling or floor. Integrated airconditioning systems hardly produce any sound since all the noisy parts are placed outside.



This whole process of analyzing differentairconditioning in huissystems may take up some time but once you have decided which type of airconditioning to buy, you will have a cooling- heating buddy for many years to come. So take the time and choose wisely because a making a bad decision is just a waste of money in the end.


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