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Belly ache upon walking

Posted Aug 14 2011 2:29am 1 Comment

Advice wanted. 

5 to 10 minutes after starting a walk I get a pain just below my right rib cage.   The faster I walk, the sooner it appears.   It often spreads horizontally up to the left side of my belly, or starts just below the sternum and spreads to both sides.   I usually get relief by means of a massage pressing and sliding downwards on the spot, but the pain returns some 100 feet ahead.   The pain ends as soon as I stop walking and after some 15 to 20 minutes sitting, I can walk again, but it all returns as described.  An empty stomach retards substantially the unleashing of the pain, to the extent that a short slow walk may be uneventful. 

Any hints?

Thanks in advance. 

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I think they call those stitches.  I used to get them often.  See if any of these tips help you.  ____

 Kyra C.


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