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Walk-a-thon Community - General Discussions

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Walk-a-thon opportunities Hello all! As the endurance training community coordinator, and being that the walk-a-thon comm ...
Feb 05 2008 7:50am
I just signed up to walk my first marathon with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team... more
Sep 05 2009 5:16am
First Giving Are you inspired to do something right away to raise funds for charity, especially as the New Year ...
Dec 29 2007 1:01pm
Walk-a-thons and more-Great fun for great causes! Check out the link for more information on walk-a-thons and similar events that take place across th ...
Dec 18 2007 8:09pm
Don't just get sign-ups, do a lap yourself! It happens every year. Someone in the office wanders around with a clip board in attempts to get s ...
Nov 12 2007 2:53pm
great advice! more
Nov 25 2007 4:09am
Raise money to fight cancer, and help yourself... There's a lot of American Cancer Society Relay For Life events going on over the next month or so. I ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I participated in the Walk for the Cure for breast cancer.. it's a nice, chill event... more
Oct 28 2007 9:50pm
I don't think i've been in a walk-a-thon since... i was just looking around the site, and i noticed walk-a-thon as one of the activities... i remember ...
Jun 01 2007 4:46pm
I'm glad to read you're planning on participating in a walk-a-thon. There's so many... more
Dec 30 2007 2:40pm