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Walk-a-thon opportunities

Posted by Kristen D.

Hello all!

As the endurance training community coordinator, and being that the walk-a-thon community is part of the ET community, I thought I would post links to organizations that host Walk-a-thon events that raise money for a good cause. This will be the first of several posts, but please feel free to post others that you've participated in, and share stories about them. We'd love to hear why you participated and what the events were like.

American Cancer Society Relay For Life:

(I've participated in a few of these. It's an overnight event where team members take turns walking.)

The (Susan G.) Komen Race for the Cure

(A 5K race and fitness walk. I think many will agree with me that this event is legendary in the strides its made.)

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Another walk-a-thon opportunity!

The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk, a 2-3 mile walk that takes place in more than 600 communities across the nation.


And another!!!!

AIDS Walk New York-A major event in the northeast, this year taking place May 18, 2008.


There is also a Crohns & Colitis walka thon on June 8th, at Lisle Community Park in Illinois. go to and sign up with our team Renew Ink of Door county or Jean Hollander. They are fun, meet a lot of nice people. I will wear my big red hat and purple scarf just for the fun of it, and maybe a few of my family members in Illinois will come to, but everyone is invited, so bring your dog, kids, freinds and a smile, and walk a few miles for charity. C U there!! ;)
Good for you Jean! And thanks for adding all the walk-a-thon events!
Does the Relay for life require you to donate a certain amount before you can walk? The Avon walk told my friend and I that if we did not have at least $2300 each on the day of the walk we would not be aloud to participate!

Hi Kristen,

Walkathons are also great for small groups and schools - a much better fundraiser than selling candy!  I am writing a blog and book about how to plan a walkathon, at because I really want to help encourage this kind of event.  I look forward to sharing ideas with this community as I write.  Thanks.



Lee Garverick

I just signed up to walk my first marathon with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. I'll be walking 26.2 miles in the TNT Walt Disney World Marathon in January.

They have an ambitious fundraising minimum for this event, but they do give you a full 10 weeks into the training program to bow out if you need to with no obligation. I have my page set up at and will be updating it on a somewhat regular basis with my progress.

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