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Know About Adult Acne and Cure Them

Posted Mar 25 2013 11:55am
We always think acne to be a condition that is prevalent with teens. Did you have any clue that adult acne is as common as acne in teens?

According to statistics 25% men and 50% women suffer from acne in their adult life. Acne indeed causes a lot of disruption in social life of people. Good news is that acne can be treated effortlessly and in a simplified way. The key to treat acne is not boycotting the mirror, piling up layers of make up or staying out of parties.

How Does It Erupt? 
Acne shoots up from sebum produced by sebaceous glands on skin. Since sebum is oily, it attracts germs and dirt which ends up clogging up the pores of the skin. The main culprit behind acne in adults is the sebum that is oily in nature. It may arise from various factors. Main causes are application of allergic and inferior quality cosmetics, stress, hypersensitivity, hormone imbalance or side effects of some medicines. Acne also erupts from the over production of hormones- androgens and estrogen in male and female respectively. Women mostly suffer from acne during pregnancy and before the menstruation period. It is sad to note that acne in adults is the cause of depression and lowered self esteem and it also results in abolishing socialization. 

How to Prevent It? 
Acne treatment available in the market is focused on the young skin which may not prove to be effective on an adult and matured skin. You can start your own acne treatment by incorporating some simple changes in your lifestyle.

Always keep your skin moisturized which will prevent from getting dried and aged.
Keep your skin squeaky always. Wash your face twice daily with a mild face wash that will remove all traces of oil and dirt.
Skin scars can be prevented by applying non- oily sunscreen or sunblock with minimum SPF 30.
Religiously follow a healthy diet that is high in fiber and is low fat. Binge on fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can.
Say no to excess of makeup, oily and fried food.
Do not take stress at all.
Consume plenty of fluids.
Maintain a healthy daily routine and bank on your sleep. 

Scrubbing skin vigorously will worsen the situation.
Picking and squeezing acne or any break out.
Apply excessive or inferior quality makeup.
Touch your face with hands quite often.
Eat foods that would trigger up acne.
Neglect skin care. 

How to Treat It? 
Make sure to use branded cleanser that suits your skin type. Avoid cleansers with strong ingredients or granules which will worsen your condition.

Choose products that contain lactic, glycolic or salicylic acid as they cleanse the pores from within. Adult acne in initial stage can be treated with benzoyl peroxide.

Treat acne in its initial stage will save a lot of effort and money. Aggravated acne can be treated with laser treatments and medications.

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