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Anyone walking?

Posted by Kristen D.

This group is growing bigger and bigger by the day, and it's got me so excited! I love the idea that you can better the world and yourself through a Walk-a-thon event.

So tell me, are you participating in any upcoming Walk-a-thons? Which, and when? Or did you just participate in one?

What got you involved? I've been involved with Relay For Life and Light the Night events (presented by the American Cancer Society and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society respectively) because four members of my family have been touched by cancer. I found that the events are a great way to honor and remember my family members, and also lift my spirits knowing that the funds I raise by making a pledge to my supporters to participate in the event will go toward fighting that terrible disease and supporting those who have it.

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Yes i also walk twice a day to stay fit & slim, though have seen many who doesn't feel interested towards walking even a little, God knows how come they digest their food by sitting all day long. Even children are frequently found to be more interested in indoor games like playing Xbox & all. That have not only exaggerated their obesity problem with further weaker thighs & legs. I believe walking is for all age, not for any particular age group to stay healthy
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