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Severe ankle pain on dorsiflexion

Posted by wilfran

I sprained(rolled in) my ankle almost 4 years ago after I landed on someone else's foot while playing Volley Ball (I was about 36" up in the air). I admit I didn't take proper care of the injury, and after 5 months of persisting pain, I visited a chiropractor who took some X-Rays, which came back negative. He gave me a brace, but after a few pointless visits, and persistent, he referred me to a foot doctor, which in turn said I had no ligament issues, a conclusion he reached after feeling my ankle with his hands. He then gave me a shot and told me just to give it time and it would get back to normal, boy have I ever. About a year after still experiencing a loss of range on ankle dorsiflexion, I decided to get an MRI, and surprisingly it came back negative as well. This was good/bad news mainly because I feel a great deal of pain in my ankle doing certain normal activities that require a certain amount of dorsiflexion  (sprinting, plyometrics, etc), which prior to the injury gave me no discomfort whatsoever, and so far I haven't been able to find out what the problem is. I have sprained my ankles many times before, and never did it take longer than a month for me to fully recover, although I realize I'm no longer 18 (29yo). What could possibly be wrong with my ankle for it to be in such state after basically 4 years?, it's aggravating because I'm really active and my ankle has been holding me back for so long from fully doing certain activities. I will note that about 85% of the time I feel the pain, it comes from dorsiflexion, few are the times when my ankle hurts otherwise. Thank you very much for your time. 

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I have got the same problem after rolling my ankle from a big drop such as yours. I can dorsiflex my ankle better than just after I injured it (about 4 months ago) but its still painfull to do sprints, jump, and squat without lifting my heel. Have you had any luck diagnosing the problem? My doctor also is no help..
I'm having the same problem as well. Xrays, Sonograms, and MRI nothing found damaged, toren or broken, but i still have pain as well i would love to get information on what the problem is as well.
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