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I Love Beach Volleyball!

Posted Jun 30 2007 1:58pm 1 Comment
I must confess, I am terrible at volleyball...actually, any sport that involves a ball is one that I am pretty much guaranteed to suck at. Yet, there's nothing like going out to the beach with a group of friends and digging your toes into the sand for some good beach volleyball. Just be careful and keep your eye on the ball - last summer I got hit in the face with one. Fortunately, it wasn't going that fast and it mostly bounced off my sunglasses. I'll be more careful this summer.
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My friends are getting in to beach volleyball now and I'm like, no! No! Let's play indoors. It is so, so much harder to get your footing in the sand. And in order to really get up there and spike... There's also something about playing in the hot sun that really sucks. I'm not a fan. I'm sorry to say it. Any tips on what I could do to enjoy it?!
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