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Complain of warcraft shot by sharks at Bryant: wes have mamba blood

Posted Mar 07 2013 7:13am
The Los Angeles lakers to Oklahoma, challenge, and finally on the road at the Los Angeles lakers to a 105-122 defeat, this was their seventh consecutive loss in thunder at home. In today's game, warcraft Howard encounters a shoulder injury, but his condition is big also affected, 7 shots hit only 1 ball. More impressive is that he Cheap Lebron 9 didn't get out in the second half, and asked if there was this trouble, Howard responded and said, "well, yes. But we must hold on, continue to play." Howard's performance has been shark o 'neal sarcasm, "if it's me, never in a match in the six points. And in my 24, five years old, I won't feel tired." Complaining is more than Howard, including clark. Because the first half appeared five turnovers, clark in the second half, the lakers coach dandong according to the bench as the antawn jamison, who started. For dandong, arrangement, clark said he didn't know why I will be on the bench. He admits, he just started to really poor performance, but he later find the feeling, 30 minutes had 11 rebounds. In asked tomorrow (hit New Orleans) will return to the starting lineup, clark said. "I'm not sure, you never know. You have to maintain a positive too much. I have seen too many things, so I will not easily fall into depression." But the lakers' performance but make fans upset, their defense only Lebron 9 Shoes let thunder appear 2 turnovers. "We are not a can let opponents appear many mistakes team," Bryant said. "we are not Memphis, also won't the clippers, they are chasing you, force you to a mistake." For kobe Bryant, today's game is not easy, his your right elbow ulna encounter contusion, every time shooting will be very painful, perhaps this will affect his for a long time, so his teammates need to alleviate the burden on kobe Bryant. To this, Bryant responded and said, "they just need to hit some shots. If there is a chance, they must hit shots. If you can't hit, we also want to get second chance opportunities." After the game, kobe Bryant update their push characteristic, content is a movie lines, "Vince vaughn, once in the wedding crashers" said, 'rule 76, no excuse, like to play champions.' "in addition to attack in the wounds, but kobe Bryant Lebron 9 Shoes to do defensive vess brooke's task, but today's brooke unstoppable, he full off (the 37 points. "I enjoy (on him) this challenge," Bryant said. "and he is always very interesting counterpoint. He and I argue that most of the night, I than he did better. But tonight, he played very well, he is a great player." "And he (Bryant) para very interesting. Wes brook said, "he is a man of great competitive spirit. My competitive spirit is also very strong. I also like to win." "Wes block today performance is very good, his body has been flowing mamba blood. Brother, you tonight, let me see your good future, I see." Kobe Bryant's push on wrote. In today's game, the lakers are not no chance, they once will points difference within 5 minutes. But at the critical moment, thunder can always respond, including former laker old fish Derek fisher, and he is in the fourth quarter hit two record three important points, the ten points are cut down. When it comes to old fish performance, Bryant so response, "he hit some key shots. We will points difference within eight points or 7 points, he spent two three points to bury us. It's Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes not rare, it seems that we don't know if his ability." In addition what is worth mentioning, in today's game in the first half, durant on the bench for a technical foul, but he said, "I asked his words were just, 'can I talk to you?", and then he (the referee joey crawford) gave me a technical foul.
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