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16 year old Daughter hit in eye w/ volleyball...

Posted by figgy

My 16 year old was hit in the open eye with a volleyball on Nov. 5, '09. From the moment of impact until now she has had a blind spot in the upper left quadrant of her left eye. Spot has not faded nor gotten bigger. Immediately after the impact she has been experiencing severe headaches in her forehead area. So severe that 1 month after the accident she was starting to have black outs accompanied by convulsions, short term memory loss, interuption in sleep pattern, mood changes. We've seen retinal specialists who say there is not visual blockage, tearing, etc. He could see nothing. He did all field tests. negative results. CAT scans, video EEGs, EEG, EKGs multiple vials of blood drawn. Nothing! Neurologists put her on pain med that got her pain level down. He mentioned something about retinal cell damage, but haven't got a confirmation on how to treat it. Think he said it may heal may not.  Went to see a pediatric neurologist, she shuffled us out the door declaring my daughter as a psych patient & that she was manifesting the blind spot! I did a google search & all her symptoms point to Post-Concussion syndrome. Mentioned this to the above dr. she didn't want to hear it!

My question is has anyone ever heard of anyone having similar symptoms & what was the diagnosis/prognosis? Please help me because we have exasperated all of our options. My daughter "was" on the AB honor roll, 5th in her class, homecoming court, very bright, normal teenager. Please help us to find her comfort from her pain & frustration; most of all HELP!!!

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I think she may have head trauma or a severe bleeding of the area.Things that may reduce the pain and/or swelling you can put ice on it to decrease swelling and possibly help the bleeding.When she gets severe headaches give her Tylenol and at night Tylenol PM,also put warm washclothes to soothe the area and/or help with the bleeding.But she may have head trauma which can lead to severe brain damage.You might want to get her an X-ray and/or CT scan.Message me on my whiteboards for more information or questions that you may have.-Good luck with your Daughter.


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