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Health Maven's Answer
Dear Searching for Love, Your yearning is understanding and natural. Probably your... more
May 21 2010 2:45pm
As I recall, decades ago, it wasn't painful at all, during or after the procedure. I... more
Apr 30 2010 1:15pm
The ones I know of are dark chocolate and rice, black tea, but I'm sure there are... more
Apr 23 2010 9:17am
Obviously, it has to do with poor blood circulation. You have to consult your doctor... more
Mar 25 2010 10:53am
Everybody's constitution is different. It seems you have a good foundation. In a... more
Mar 21 2010 11:08am
See a doctor immediately. It could be a benign thing, but it could be also very... more
Mar 18 2010 3:53pm
To have any surgery is a major decision – an eye-surgery so much more so. First, you... more
Mar 15 2010 9:26am
White bread is not good for you, i.e. besides being just calories. I, too, love and... more
Mar 14 2010 12:07pm
That is a complex problem. First it has to do with your diet. You should regulate your... more
Feb 27 2010 2:36pm
Feb 25 2010 9:51am
This is a short question with a long answer, and I can add only a part to it. I have... more
Feb 25 2010 10:24am