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Health Maven's Answer
Sep 06 2010 4:33am
Lower back pain can stem from two basic causes: sedantary lifestyle (although you're... more
Sep 06 2010 5:52am
Go to bed before 10 am. Don't watch TV before, nor anything exciting. Make sure to... more
Jan 28 2013 7:09pm
Pain in any part of our body is a signal to us to pay attention. You may have stepped in... more
Aug 25 2010 9:23am
If you are talking about the plant – by eating green plants we ingest sun's energy,... more
Aug 25 2010 9:12am
The nose and ears to do get bigger with age, but you have nothing to worry about yet.... more
Aug 22 2010 9:50pm
You probably have arthritis which is eating away at the cartilege between the bones in... more
Aug 13 2010 9:30am
Your intuition may be telling you something. If you are concerned about your kidneys,... more
Jun 28 2010 4:27am
Let's turn the question around – what is a normal frequency of bowel movement: once to... more
Jun 22 2010 3:20pm
The reason for the swelling may be twofold. Both his work on the computer and piping... more
Jun 11 2010 9:09am
Jun 04 2010 8:50am
Also changing shampoo may help! more
Jun 04 2010 9:58am