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Health Maven's Answer
Your extreme stress is causing that, of course. Your psyche is helping you, by... more
Nov 10 2010 3:58pm
Feb 21 2010 1:47pm
Even if the lump is benign (biopsy would show that), it's size and location are enough... more
Nov 02 2010 6:06am
The connection between your tonsil operation and your constipation is probably, that you... more
Oct 27 2010 5:29am
It is unusual to have a cold for such a long period. It shows that your immune system is... more
Oct 22 2010 3:07pm
It sounds, like you have a spreading arthritis – an inflammation of the joints. The... more
Oct 20 2010 7:23am
The drops were obviously not the right thing to put in your eyes. I think, a luke warm... more
Oct 09 2010 5:21pm
Swollen lymph nodes are a symptom, that the body is fighting something. Since doctors... more
Oct 04 2010 9:25am
Black stool means blood, internal bleeding. See a doctor, internal medicine ASAP. more
Sep 30 2010 10:29pm
Swollen lymph nodes indicate, that the body is fighting something . . . You have to... more
Sep 12 2010 3:33pm
Sep 06 2010 4:33am
Lower back pain can stem from two basic causes: sedantary lifestyle (although you're... more
Sep 06 2010 5:52am