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Health Maven's Answer
I designate the time as my private time, to be with myself. While I am aware of the... more
Oct 04 2008 6:59pm
Hi, I hear and sympathise with your pain and worry. When I had arthritis rapidly... more
Jan 08 2009 10:23am
Jan 09 2009 7:22am
Hello, I think it is a matter of proper hygiene and appropriate deodorant. 1. Shave... more
Jan 09 2009 1:58pm
Aug 25 2008 2:39pm
Happiness is feeling complete: not lacking anything, independent of material "stuff",... more
Jan 09 2009 7:24pm
The above comments cover mostly reducing swelling with icing: by the way, wrap the ice... more
Feb 17 2009 9:15pm
Speaking to the physical health ? I measure mine, by the fact that I haven't had a cold... more
Apr 22 2009 3:52pm
As Steven says: plenty! Our bodies are such complex chemical labs; like with cars,... more
Apr 22 2009 4:01pm
Sylvia, I hope this has been answered already. See your doctor. more
Jan 25 2010 11:16am
 Dear JGenna, Numbness in your face is a serious concern. It could be caused by a... more
Jan 25 2010 11:19am
Prem, Most likely you have arthritis. There are two kinds: rheumatoid and... more
Jan 25 2010 11:24am