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Health Maven's Answer
Your pain describes what I am feeling as of recently. I know that groin and pubic pain... more
Dec 09 2012 6:43pm
Preventive: strengthen your immune system–don't stay just indoors. Go out for a walk or... more
May 14 2012 10:39pm
That fall sounds nasty. Even if you suffered a fracture, there is nothing you can do,... more
Jan 02 2012 2:49pm
It seems this is a migraine, and in my experience the root is psychological. Are you... more
Dec 05 2011 1:10pm
I always pick up a current issue of "Better Nutrition" at our Country Sun store. It's... more
Nov 23 2011 6:03am
The "side-effect" it will have is a better health. Speaking from experience. When my... more
Oct 27 2011 11:36am
It seems to me: 1. you overstressed the knee by the length of the exercise. 2. Ice is... more
Sep 21 2011 6:43pm
In addtion to what dr. Lin suggested, the right question would be, what are your... more
Sep 03 2011 7:10pm
You know the answer, since you're asking the question. No medicine should be taken with... more
Aug 22 2011 4:26pm
Depends on the degree of infection. By resorting to home remedies, the infection may... more
Jul 23 2011 7:44pm