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Animals up-close and funny–a blog with Interviews about "This Really Happened"

This the latest–others' opinions and effect of my book "This Really Happened". "Aimals up-close and funny", an interview with Prof....

A 91 y.o. senior, diabetic, can watch television, but cannot read at all. Is that a matter of cataract or glasses?

This is my mother. She is in Zagreb, Croatia and getting her to a doctor presents a major logistic problem. I would like to know beforehand the...

"This Really Happened" – just happening/published

"This Really Happened" True animal stories; an artist's imaginative, humorous narrative with love and sensitivity toward animals ; an...

Once Upon Skates Play (puppet play) movie on Youtube

Vlasta D.'s Answers

Vlasta D.'s Whiteboard
Aug 20 2010 by Ken R.

Vlasta!  I found you!  Ken Russell from Chestnut Ave....  my email: