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Portland, Oregon
I'm 30 year old, fun and feisty female with sickle cell anemia. I'm a registered nurse, a... Full Bio
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Mar 02 2009 by Braxton J.
Mar 02 2009 by Braxton J.

Hi Vixen,

First off WOW...i've never meet anyone with sickle cell as fired up about life as you...

My name is Braxton im 19yrs old with sickle cell and i've just started my first year of college and im truely inspired by your blog about people with sickle cell that attend school.By chance I just so happened to stumble across it and im truely amazed and excited I know first hand were your coming from. I just have on question for you hopefully you can help me out i've been searching for some scholorships for people with sickle cell maybe you can help me.

Feb 28 2009 by JonathanSteele,RN

Hi Vixen W.,RN,

 I am not familar with Nicosan. However in working with bloodless medicine and surgery, I have come across something that so far seems to be under the radar. If you do some research on Nicosan, it would be interesting to see what happens to the glutathione levels after treatment.

 Check out more about glutathione on and especially on the section on blood. Then, if you like, have your librarian do a doc search on cysteine, NAC, bonded whey protein isolate, glutathione, and sickle cell anemia. Have her narrow the search otherwise you will end up with thousads of studies.

My success till now was in consulting with doctors on treatment options with out the use of blood. This only makes it more  interesting as the options have increased expotentially. You see, the treatments already have thousands of studies and 2 of them are in the PDR and RED Book. 

 So, what do you think?

Jonathan from 

Dec 22 2008 by Kathleen D.

Hi Vixen,

I like your "fabulous and feisty" attitude! Your blog must really help others! You have my vote.


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