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You gotta be consistent!

Posted by Tamar F.

I know that when I'm not consistent with taking my vitamins, that's when my skin and hair go to hell.Also, it can be hard on your system to go on and off vitamins. But it's hard to be consistent! Traveling is not easy these days with bottles of various supplements that I take...some of which are in glass bottles. Also, sometimes, it's hard to "get in the mood" to take my vitamins. They seem to be horse sized! The tiny, compressed vitamins with the slick coatings are super expensive.

I try to keep an important event coming up in my mind and tell myself that if I want to be my best for that date, I have to take my vitamins every day.

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These days vitamins come in many forms. If the tablet or capsule form doesn't suit your fancy, try liquid vitamins or powder vitamins. In these forms, the body assimilates them faster anyway. Sometimes you need to sample the different forms before investing in a whole bottle. Ask one of the staff at the health food store if it is okay to have a sample to see if your body can handle the vitamin.
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