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Yes, Organic Plant-Based Foods ARE More Nutritious

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:31pm
I recently read a dietitian state that eating organic foods have not been shown to offer better nutrition. I was shocked by this because I've read many studies saying the opposite. I'm happy to let this dietitian know the Facts are out. Organic foods are more nutritious.

Nutrient levels were studied in 236 matched pairs of foods with scientifically valid results on the levels of 10 nutrients, plus nitrates (high levels are undesirable because of food safety risks). Each matched pair contains, for example, an apple crop grown organically and another apple crop from a nearby conventional farm with similar soils, climate, plant genetics, irrigation systems, nitrogen levels, and harvest practices.

Comparing Nutrient Levels
The team identified eight or more valid matched pairs for 10 nutrients, plus nitrates including:
Four measures of antioxidant activity;
Precursors of three vitamins A, C and E;
Two minerals (phosphorous and potassium);
Nitrates (higher levels are undesirable), and
Total protein.

There were 191 matched pairs in which the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral levels were compared. The organic food was more nutrient dense in 119 of these pairs, or 62%, compared to 36% of the conventional matched pairs with more nutrients. There were no differences in 2% of the pairs.

Full report here...

Whole Food Nation
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