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Why You Need To Talk To Your Doctor Before Taking Vitamins

Posted Jun 17 2011 2:03pm

While many health care professionals advise patients to take a multivitamin each day some are voicing concern that people may be getting more vitamins than their body actually needs. Many people are not concerned about taking too many vitamins because they feel that these are natural substances or that any excess will be flushed from the body by the kidneys. These assumptions are not always true.


Vitamins fall into two categories, water soluble and fat soluble. Examples of water soluble vitamins would be vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins. As the name implies these are dissolved in water and excesses are eliminated through the urine. Because of this fact these need to be replenished regularly either through diet or supplementation.Fat soluble vitamins on the other hand are not flushed from the body. These vitamins are present in our intestines and will eventually end up being stored in the liver. Examples of fat soluble vitamins would be vitamins A, D, E and K. Because they are normally stored in the body this is the category of vitamins that have some concerned.


If a person is receiving sufficient amounts of these fat soluble vitamins by eating a healthy and nutritious diet then supplementation can actually cause us to be storing an excess of them which can lead toxicity. We need to remember that supplementing with nutritional supplements should only be done to make up for the fact that we are not getting enough of a certain nutrient from our diets.


The reality is that with the hectic lifestyles many of us live today we are not receiving the nutrients that we require by diet alone. Many eat fast or processed foods that do not contain the vitamins and minerals that our bodies require. For this reason the concern about getting too many vitamins may be overstated. Each individual needs to do a little research and access if they feel their diet is lacking.


It is always recommended that before starting any supplementation program that you sit down with your doctor and discuss your concerns. They will be able to run some simple blood tests to determine if you are deficient in any of the essential nutrients.

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